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Each sprinkler system is installed by a fire sprinkler professional who has undergone extensive training in their craft.

Safety, accuracy and efficiency are paramount when installing fire sprinkler systems. If its worth doing, its worth doing right, the first time.

Professional Installation

We currently employ a highly qualified team of installers that specialize in all aspects of installation, including residential, commercial and industrial. We have crews devoted to various specialties including CPVC installers, steel pipe fitters and a crew that specializes in commercial relocation projects. We have multiple foreman for simultaneous projects and each installer is continuously trained to meet OSHA safety protocol and continuing education requirements.

We've Got You Covered!

Our foreman and project managers oversee all aspects of installation. Plans and records are updated on an ongoing basis to keep information current and readily accessible for documenting and billing purposes.
  • Instant updates on how changes will effect project timelines

  • Update Field plans for project tracking purposes

  • Regular project meetings on and off site

  • Coordination meetings

No Exceptions!

Whatever your installation needs, 24/7 Fire Protection Inc., can offer you unprecidented service that is sure to flow with your projects. We utilize the latest tools and offer accurate, code compliant installation for all your fire protection needs. If you have any questions please give us a call.

You Can Rely On Us For..

  • Fire Pumps Designed and Installed

  • Small, Medium and Large Residential projects

  • Commercial Wet/Dry/Preaction and Special Systems design and installation

  • Commercial Space Relocations

  • Warehouse Storage including ESFR, Freezer/Coolers, Control Mode and more

  • Rack Storage

  • Permit Plans, Field Plans and As-Built drawings

  • Vast experience with submitting projects to DCA and JCMUA

  • On-going industry and safety training for all fitters

  • Friendly Staff

  • Professional and Courteous Service

Send us your project requirements and we’ll do the rest!